The Wishing Chair – Exploration to Mars

By Sidhanth Kashyap – Grade 2 X


Wishing Chair and Mars

One day, Jack and Jessica went to the shed to tell Wishler that they decided to go to Mars. Wishler was excited and he screamed with joy. They got their spacesuits, put it on and sat on the wishing chair.

“One!”, called Jessica. “Two!”, called Wishler. “Take us to Mars”, said Jack, “three!”.

They landed on Mars. They saw some rovers and some deep valleys. They saw a Martian so they hid behind a rock. “Let’s go say hi”, said Jessica. Wishler was frightened. “Don’t be afraid”, said Jack, “we’ll protect you”. They said hi to the Martian. He was a kid and he was friendly.

He took them to his parents. They showed them the schools and houses.

The houses had red slime all over. The Martians treated them with some food. The food tasted bitter. They ate a little bit.

They thanked the Martian kid. “Now it’s time to go home”, said Jessica. They sat on the wishing chair and went home. Jack and Jessica were delighted to visit another planet.